Abigail | Portsmouth High School


A levels – Mathematics, Spanish, Chemistry and Biology


I had always looked forward to coming to Portsmouth High School, as I have two older sisters who were a part of the school, and, undoubtedly, I have most enjoyed my time in the Sixth Form.

We have great support from the tutors in matters academic and pastoral. The Sixth Form House has a fantastic atmosphere, with just the right balance of studying and relaxing.

Teachers encourage reading around the subject, allowing us to immerse ourselves within our A Level subjects, and are always willing to advise us. Hence, I have been able to explore my interest in Medicine with essay competitions and presentations in Science Forum, where our ideas are openly discussed and challenged.

Outside the classroom, I’ve been able to get involved in many other elements of Sixth Form life. Last year, I played Caesar in the Sixth Form Play, Julius Caesar. Despite having little experience in drama, it gave me more confidence and we were able to form strong bonds with others. We are currently organising the Fashion Show, to raise money for our chosen charity, and I look forward to this event with great excitement.

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