Florence | Portsmouth High School


A levels – French, Geography, Religious Studies and EPQ


Deciding to stay on at Portsmouth High School Sixth Form was undoubtedly the best decision I could have made.

Lessons and individual study periods allows us to have important time with our teachers, as well as learning how to motivate ourselves and use our time effectively. Small form groups give us the opportunity to have one on one time with tutors to guide us through UCAS, and talk to about any concerns regarding university, which is so helpful.

Academics aside there are many opportunities to get involved. As a keen athlete I have enjoyed having time to pursue my passion, and I am grateful for the support and interest shown in my hobby.

My roles as Senior Prefect and House Captain allow me to work in a team environment and learn crucial organisation skills. I enjoy leading the younger years and getting involved in events from sports day to house music.

The support from the family-like environment in the Sixth Form is amazing.  Whether this is a teacher by my side at examinations time, or a chat with a friend over a cup of tea in the Sixth Form kitchen, you always feel you have people on your side to help when you need it.

I already feel ready for what university will bring, with academic fortnight and lunchtime lecture club allowing me to have already engaged with a university style of learning, preparing me for the future ahead.