Maisie | Portsmouth High School


A level subjects – English Literature, History, Politics and Religion and Philosophy (AS)

Portsmouth High School Sixth Form helps develop and inspire you as an individual. The wealth of opportunities is second to none and we have a strong careers teacher (Mrs Davies) who works tirelessly to helps us pursue our ambitions.

I am currently in the process of writing my EPQ on the ‘Extent to which the law of Intellectual Property Rights are upheld in society’. Having the opportunity to specifically focus on a certain field of interest exposes me to the dissertation style writing needed for university. Furthermore, with the aspiration to study law at university, I feel I have a head start through looking at the subject in greater depth.

The Sixth Form has given me enriching experiences such as being a senior prefect, house captain, chair of the book club and vice-chair of the politics society. Combined with my work experience, from a week at a literary PR agency in London to a day at a Roman archaeological dig, I feel my time here has been truly priceless and unparalleled.

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