Zoe | Portsmouth High School


A levels – Biology, Psychology, Religious Studies and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


I have been at Portsmouth High School now for only nine months, yet it feels like I have been part of this wonderful community for much longer.

Ever since joining the Sixth Form my confidence in my academic work has immensely improved through the continued support and encouragement which comes from the excellent teachers here. I have also gained a variety of opportunities at PHS which have been valuable in helping me gain further knowledge, as well as helping me to become a more well-rounded person.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh is one of the many activities I have completed during my time here and it was such an incredible but still challenging experience. The Duke of Edinburgh Award has taught me how to persevere and stay determined even in difficult times, which are an important lesson which will remain with me and help me to succeed in the future.

For Year 13 I have been given the role of House Captain for Bronte house. Having this role has already been amazing as I have been able to co-direct house plays, dance, music and even compete in house debates. This role has allowed me to gain important leadership and organisation skills.

Overall, the PHS Sixth Form is a thriving community that is bursting with opportunities to help every single girl develop into the best version of herself. My experience here has been, and will continue to be, invaluable to me and my future. Anyone looking for a positive and inspirational environment where they can grow and learn surrounded by some of the best people in the whole world should definitely consider PHS Sixth Form.

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