Yradne - Deputy Head Girl | Portsmouth High School

Yradne – Deputy Head Girl

I joined Portsmouth High School when I had just turned 3 and ever since I was little I always looked up to the older girls as my role models and hoped that one day I would grow up to be like them.

All I have ever wanted when I leave Portsmouth High School after Year 13 is to be a pilot, and to serve my country by joining the Forces.

I help out at the Prep School cookery club. I love being around the younger girls and hearing all about their day to day life at Dovercourt, where I was Deputy Head Girl.

Outside of school, I am a member of the Southsea Rowing Club where I particularly enjoy being part of a crew. Otherwise, I prioritise my friends, my family, our two sausage dogs and the sea, where I love to paddle board.

I became involved in NCS in the Summer of 2019 and am now an NCS graduate. NCS is the National Citizen Service and I am very excited to continue to be involved with the programme. NCS was such an amazing experience and I loved meeting new people. It is really fun to work as a big team with people from lots of different schools and to complete a project which will benefit others. We hosted a fundraiser at the Prep School which I took pleasure in organising, and we completed our social action project which was to paint a bike shed for the initiative Wheels for All.

Portsmouth High School has been an enormous part of my life from age 3 and I am looking forward to what I can give back to the school as part of the Head Girl Team.