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Travel from the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth High School

One of our Year 7 students who travels from the Isle of Wight each day shares the experience of her daily journey to school.

“I started travelling to school from the Isle of Wight via the hovercraft and the Portsmouth High School minibus at the start of Year 7.

I really wanted to go to Portsmouth High School, but I wasn’t sure what the journey would be like, especially for an 11-year-old travelling on her own.

I sail on the 7:45 hovercraft every day and the journey is quick and easy. When I get off the hover the minibus is waiting for me and I really enjoy this short journey because I can catch up with my best friend Mia. By the time we get into school we have already discussed everything that happened the previous evening and are ready to focus on the day ahead.

The drivers are really nice and get to know you. They interact with everyone when they are boarding the bus. On the way home the minibus always leaves school on time to get to the hover terminal.

Winter comes with its own challenges but the hover is very safe so I don’t even worry about it. When it is too windy for the hover to run the minibus will take me to the Catamaran terminal, and pick me up from there in the mornings as well.

I find going on the minibus extremely beneficial especially when it’s cold and raining. On the way home Mia and I play a popular quiz game for the duration of the journey. I really enjoy traveling to school on the hover and the minibus. It’s great because I didn’t think going to Portsmouth High would be an option in Year 6 because of the complex journey, but after a few days I found it really wasn’t difficult at all.”

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