A celebration of sport at the Prep School | Portsmouth High School

A celebration of sport at the Prep School

It has been a glorious, sunny week full of sport here at Portsmouth High Prep School. 

Sports day is a real celebration of the attitudes and approach of the girls at Dovercourt. They have a steely determination to try to win but will actively encourage others around them. The levels of cheering from the stands always brings a slight lump to my throat.

One of my favourite events is the mass participation race. There is no winner with each person completing the race gaining a point for their house. It can be staff, Reception girls, Year 6 or anyone else that wants to make a contribution. I run around the two laps of the track with them and it is one of my favourite times of the year.

This year brought an extra complication.Our under 11 cricket team qualified for the Hampshire final having won the South Hampshire regional competition. Unfortunately it was the same day as sports day.

In true Dovercourt fashion we came up with a solution. I took the girls to Temeraire early and put them through their paces in the field events. They then performed in their track events as the rest of the school arrived.

Despite this punishing schedule they performed as I knew they would and achieved a very creditable top four finish. There was not a hint of grumbling despite the incredibly hot weather. It was an intensely enjoyable day.