A love of sport will never die once you have the bug | Portsmouth High School

A love of sport will never die once you have the bug

One of our primary functions as a Prep School is to prepare the girls for their future at the Senior School and beyond. In order to do this a breadth of opportunities to experience different things is of paramount importance.

One area that exemplifies this is sport. The aim is to build the foundations of a lifelong love for sport and physical activity, with all the health and wellbeing benefits that brings. The curriculum is deliberately broad, with the girls able to access a whole raft of activities from hockey to climbing. Team games and individual sports are covered with the chance to represent the school in many of them. This then feeds into our co-curricular offering which expands those choices even further.

I was fortunate that my own school was extremely proactive in promoting sport which has had a profound effect on me over many years. School teams led to club and then regional hockey which became the major part of my life until I was in my early thirties. Those first influences and connections can be incredibly important and stay with you in some way, shape or form throughout your life.

I am discovering that the love of sport will never die once you have the bug. A group of my friends that I played with at university are now playing in the London and Surrey Masters Hockey League. They have asked me to join them and I am intending to do so, despite the fact that I will have to work hard to even make it into the team. I will be playing with and against old friends and adversaries, including ex-international players and those that have played in the top leagues in the United Kingdom.

This is what I would like us to impart in the children here at Dovercourt. A lifelong love for sport and, perhaps, that competitiveness that will drive them to perform at their best for many years to come.