Another fantastic year at Portsmouth High Junior School | Portsmouth High School

Another fantastic year at Portsmouth High Junior School

Another academic year is complete at Portsmouth High Junior School. In a few short months our Year 6 girls will have moved on to Senior School and our Pre-School girls will be taking their fledgling steps into Reception.

I have now been at Portsmouth High Junior School for six years and am delighted that the family atmosphere of welcome and happiness continues unabated. There have been facets of the school that have particularly impressed me this year and I will comment on these in this non-exhaustive list below.

Resilience in learning
I have talked about this much this year but I do feel that the girls have embraced positivity and grit in their approach. They are more willing to take risks and not so afraid of failure.

Sport and activities
Opportunities for sport have been plentiful. From netball to gymnastics, cross–country to swimming there has been a host of chances for the girls to perform. This large range of activities allows both individual and team players to test themselves.

Music and drama
The two have intermingled this year with our productions including some stellar musical performances.

We have seen our girls performing on stages all around the area, individually and en masse.

Academic excellence
Outstanding results in the transfer test and summer exams were the culmination of the hard work that our girls engaged in this year. The sheer amount of effort that the girls put into their work is a joy for their teachers. It is not all about those headline performers though, I am just as impressed by those that have made progress and improved using their own intrinsic motivation.

Art, DT and science
The creativity shown this year by our girls across many subjects has been phenomenal. Some of the art work, DT and science projects I have seen are well worthy of the rewards they have been granted. This is a real strength of the school and one that is always being developed.

There are many more such examples I could use and several that should really grace the words of this column. Suffice it to say that it has been a fantastic year at Dovercourt. Good luck to our Year 6 girls whom I look forward to seeing on my travels to the Senior School.

I also look forward to bright smiles as we begin our new year in September.