Appreciating the good things and dwelling less on the negatives | Portsmouth High School

Appreciating the good things and dwelling less on the negatives

I have had some interesting conversations in recent weeks around appreciating the good things that we have. It has also been the topic of more than one of my assemblies over the last few years.

It is a natural human response to focus more on negative aspects of our lives rather than positive ones. People remark that I tend to be an optimistic person and always try to see the best in people. Whilst this is true on the whole I still find that I can dwell on problems as much as the next person, worrying unnecessarily about things beyond my control.

It was refreshing in a recent staff meeting where one member of the school community spoke about what we should appreciate working in this environment. Those elements of our jobs far outweigh any adverse feelings and it felt very good to discuss all that is good about working at Portsmouth High School. Similarly, we often discuss positivity and thinking about things that have gone well with the girls, rather than those elements of their day that might be more negative in their minds.

A girl on a taster day saw our outside space and simply said ‘wow’. It is easy to forget what fantastic gardens we have and the opportunities that the girls get to be in such a lovely environment. I am pleased with the amount of investment that has been made in the grounds and the facilities we have. The school is always looking to develop as many areas as possible and this is a reason to be positive. In fact, when I am feeling a little negative I often take a walk and see the girls playing or having their lessons outside. An instant reminder of why we do what we do.