Challenges and successes at Portsmouth High Junior School… | Portsmouth High School

Challenges and successes at Portsmouth High Junior School…

After half term the girls at the Junior School will sit their yearly exams. These are low pressure tests designed to begin the preparation and rigour that is required when they are older, sitting public examinations that will mean a lot to them in their lives. We try to ease them into this practice by providing a formal atmosphere but not overplaying the importance of the week.

These tests also give us a valuable summative assessment to use for year on year progress. They allow us to look at the data to see how individual girls are progressing, but also to see how each year group and the school is performing as a whole. We use this data alongside end of unit assessments, tables, reading and spelling tests. This means that we can see whether our girls are achieving at or above the level they should be according to their ability.

Our girls have been predictably impressive this week. The inspection team commented on such qualities as confidence, academic ability, resourcefulness and independence. It has been a pleasure to show our school in the best possible light and the process has been an excellent affirmation of the work we have been doing. The connection between the junior and senior, making it one school for three to eighteen year olds, is one of our great strengths and that has been recognised.

Thursday afternoon saw the girls performing in the pool at the swimming gala. The year 4, 5 and 6 girls supported their houses and showed a friendly, yet competitive, attitude throughout the event. It was great to see them working so hard in the pool regardless of their swimming ability. This has been an excellent start and I am looking forward to the rest of the summer term with all that it brings.