Child mental health is now headline news | Portsmouth High School

Child mental health is now headline news

Child mental health is something that is now headline news. This can only be a good thing as we have known this in education for many years. The days of simply saying that someone will just get over it are, thankfully, gone and we take it very seriously at the Prep School.

Emotional development for children happens at wildly different rates. Early in the continuum they will find it almost impossible to consider anyone other than themselves, by their nature small children are almost entirely self-centred. The point at which they start to consider the emotions of those around them can be very different from person to person. Some will still be struggling with this particular element all the way through to senior school, whereas others are considering the feelings of others from a very early age. This will sometimes manifest itself into a continual assessment of what is fair. ‘How come that is ok for them and not for me?’ or vice versa. In a complex world it is difficult for them to consider the wider complications or ramifications.

On Monday, as part of a wider programme of social development, I talked to the girls about their feelings, the emotions of others and how they can affect those around us. As ever with the girls at PHS there were some thoughtful and provocative answers, with many showing a deep understanding. Our attention to the individual at the Prep School means that we can constantly help the girls to develop even though they might be at very different points in their emotional growth. Constant reinforcement of how to handle relationships and working with all sides in any conflict allows the Prep School to be a happy and productive place.