Collaboration across our school and the GDST reaps many rewards | Portsmouth High School

Collaboration across our school and the GDST reaps many rewards

Last week I spent much of my time involved with my responsibilities as a Head of Prep School away from the comforts of Dovercourt. Some of these involve essential skills that must be kept updated, whereas others allow me to make comparisons and build relationships within the Trust and beyond.

Wednesday saw my safeguarding refresher course. As one of the leaders of child protection across the school I must keep my knowledge up to date. Moreover, it is an opportunity to speak to other professionals doing similar roles and to tap into the experience they have, as well as to share my own. In addition to attending these courses I am extremely fortunate to have an outstanding and knowledgeable colleague at the senior school in Mrs Trim. She is one of the leading practitioners in safeguarding across the country and it is a true blessing to be able to ask her advice and to work with her. It also means that our transition between schools is incredibly connected and that we truly work as one unit.

Thursday and Friday were very different but just as important. I visited Norwich High Prep School and participated in a very enjoyable conference alongside all of the other Junior and Prep Heads from across the Trust. I always relish the opportunity to visit another school, particularly if it is part of our GDST family. Although I feel we compare favourably it would be at best complacent and at worst arrogant to think that we have nothing to learn from others. There was much I took away from the visit and these can have applications at Portsmouth High Prep School.

Saturday saw no rest and nor would I want there to be when there was something exciting in store. I travelled to Bath with Mrs Prescott and witnessed a truly fantastic musical collaboration between our girls and those from The Royal High School. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and they were full of the delights of their first music tour. I would like to congratulate Mrs Hill and all those involved for getting this off the ground.

Of course on Sunday I put my feet up and relaxed for the day? In fact, I went to Brighton and ran a ten kilometre race, but that’s a different story.