Collaboration is a key to success for staff and pupils | Portsmouth High School

Collaboration is a key to success for staff and pupils

One of the advantages of being part of the GDST is the ability to reach out to other schools for expertise and collaboration.

I am extremely fortunate in that there are more than twenty other junior and prep heads across the Trust for me to contact at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse. As I am sure you can imagine, I have been making extensive use of this pool of expertise over the last year as we have been navigating uncharted waters. The group is always very active and everyone tries to help each other. We constantly share resources and ideas with each other, an ability that should not be underestimated. Although the schools all have their individuality, we share a common ethos and approach.

In related news, Year 6 will be embarking on our first live, online collaboration with other schools in the GDST. They will be working on a project to design environmentally friendly vehicles with girls from South Hampstead and Putney High Schools. The staff from all three establishments have been working hard to conquer the inherent technical challenges involved and are now in a position to begin. Within the next week, Mr Rahman will be leading the first session to more than one hundred and twenty pupils. They will all have the opportunity to work with children from at least one of the other schools. I hope that, should this be successful, we do much more of this type of collaboration in the future.