Portsmouth High School | Blog | Assemblies focus on core learning skills

Commitment is one of the core skills at the heart of our learning wheel

I have been talking to the girls this week about our learning wheel. My assemblies over the next month will focus on the core skills at the heart of learning within the school; namely confidence, courage, composure and commitment. The last of these was my emphasis on Monday.

Being committed is a difficult concept for younger children to grasp. They are full of enthusiasm and verve, but to remain dedicated to an action or actions over a potentially long period can be challenging. In these cases, it is important to use examples to emphasise and highlight the point. One Year 6 girl used giving up chocolate for a week as an analogy.

‘It is no good saying you are going to do it and then having a nibble the very next day, a little bit is still breaking your commitment.’

We also discussed clubs, teams and activities. The school day has changed which has given sports and music players the opportunity to show an ongoing commitment without the complication of bus trips and after school activities. It is important that these girls do attend the practices and do not find excuses to do other things. Through that, they will improve as individuals and collectively in team or group performances.

On Saturday, I umpired a Year 7 hockey match and watched Year 8, 9 and 10 play in their respective games. It was great to see so many ex-Dovercourt girls involved. There is strong commitment at this school and the excellent showing at the weekend proved the point. I look forward to seeing it further as the year progresses.