Creativity helps us cope with the 'new normal' | Portsmouth High School

Creativity helps us cope with the ‘new normal’

Creativity is something that has been on my mind recently. Not simply from a child’s learning perspective, but from the viewpoint of how creative we are all having to be at the moment.

There are many things that we cannot do that used to be part of our normal lives. Although we can provide much of what we could before, we are having to think about how to approach those areas where it is impossible to accommodate what used to be normal.

Sport is an interesting example of this. There are currently no fixtures possible against other schools; something that is a particular frustration as we have been working hard to build on our success from recent years. Undeterred, Miss Leighton-Smith has come up with an innovative tournament format for the girls who would normally be playing fixtures. The year groups are split into teams and the members of those groups all have rotating roles such as captain, coach and reporter.

Some of our prefects are finding that their roles have been curtailed somewhat. An example of this is the ICT prefects who, in the absence of live assemblies, are finding that they have a lot less to do. They have had a meeting with me and we have talked about the types of jobs they can do to help computing in the school. This has led to them creating a video that will show other children what we do in the computing curriculum and beyond. They have started work on it and it will signify the birth of Dovercourt TV with its home on Firefly.

The School Council are having their first meeting this week and I am sure that they will have several points to make that will make me think. The difference this year is that we are avoiding mixing bubbles wherever possible, the result of which is that there will be two separate meetings. I am wondering whether the younger girls might be emboldened by this and have more to say. It will certainly be fun to find out.

We continue to adapt and innovate as time goes on, waiting for the time when school can finally run completely as normal.