Cyber sea monsters help reveal dangers on the internet | Portsmouth High School

Cyber sea monsters help reveal dangers on the internet

As a follow up to one of my earlier Updates I thought it would be useful to report back on the Cyber Ambassadors training that I attended on Tuesday. Four girls from year 5 and 6 joined me on a day that was run by the Police Commissioner’s team. The programme is a pilot that will be rolled out to more schools in the future, with the senior school day hosted at PHS the previous week.

Rather than focus on the considerable content it will be more useful to share the strategies advised to the children during the day. The course is based around cyber sea monsters who represent different dangers on the internet. What is particularly powerful is that the girls have been trained to give the messages to their peers. Below are the ways they have been advised to combat the monsters.

Angler – phishing for clicks:
Ask your parents to set up controls on the internet to filter content.
Use a child friendly search engine such as swiggle, kindle or kidsearch.
Sit with an adult when you search the internet.
Never click on a pop-up box or strange links without checking with an adult first.

Bi-Diphorous – stranger trying to make contact:
Remember not everyone is who they say they are.
Never make friends with someone online that you don’t know in real life.

If you want to talk to someone online check with an adult first.
If you are chatting online and the other person starts asking personal questions tell an adult.

Info-Eater – wants your information:
Don’t share personal information online.
Social media sites and games will have privacy settings, set them as high as possible.
Set strong passwords and never share them.

Selphire – wants your unsafe selphies:
Think carefully before you post or send any pictures online.
What could that picture tell someone about you?
Is it rude, embarrassing or hurtful?
Set your privacy settings high.
Don’t post or send pictures or videos of yourself that you wouldn’t be happy for the world (or your gran) to see.

Meantaur – the cyber bully:
Ask yourself before you post or share something online. How would I feel if this was said about me? Would I say this to someone’s face?

If you are upset by something someone says online or think someone else is being bullied tell an adult.
Use the Internet to say and share nice things.

The overall message is: If in doubt give an adult a shout.