Developing courageous young women at PHS for the future

Developing courageous young women at PHS will make a difference to the future

There has been much discussion at the junior school over the last two weeks regarding equality and women’s suffrage.

It began with the release of the video which accompanied the rebranding of the GDST. There were several comments in the film about liberating the potential of girls and the part the GDST has played in educating girls to be independent in an age of prejudice towards women. I found myself in an intriguing conversation with Year 6 where I asked if they thought that that we had finally reached a point where men and women were equal. Not one of them believes that we have. This was a view that needed to be explored further. The explanations that were given staggered me in their maturity and rationality of thought; they were not simply

repeating the views of others. One cited television companies where a man and a woman might be sitting next to each other but paid a different amount. Another that women might not be employed due to the fact that she might be having a baby, or that she is not welcomed back into the workplace on level terms when returning from maternity leave. There were several other pertinent points to add into the debate.

With this and the hundred year anniversary of the first women to gain the vote the girls have had much to consider. It is right that they challenge the status quo and from an early age. By developing courageous women we do our part at PHS to make a difference to the future.