Discuss eSafety boundaries with your children | Portsmouth High School

Discuss eSafety boundaries with your children

eSafety has been high on our agenda at the junior school this week. The NSPCC led a parent workshop on Thursday in addition to introducing the children to their wider work.

In the evening Miss Lucy Moffit and I conducted our own session on the topic so that parents who were not available during the day had an opportunity to discuss this important issue. Both occasions highlighted the concern that is prevalent around our school about a generation that is growing up from birth in a technological and social media driven age.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mrs Prescott’s article in the Telegraph that describes her concerns over the latest move by Facebook to bring out a product targeted at six to eleven year olds. I find it difficult enough to resist the demands of apps and games, a temptation that must be increased tenfold for our children. I know in my own household

individuals have to be gently removed from their devices when they do not realise just how long they have been attached to them. The greatest message I would like to repeat is that parents discuss boundaries with their children. Draconian rules create tension and only lead to driving activity underground. We want the girls to be talking to us about their activity online and in games, not hiding it because they are breaking a rule or think they are letting us down.

There is one limit I would enforce; do not allow mobile phones or tablets to be kept in bedrooms overnight. At school when we discuss this with the children they talk about being kept awake by notifications and their fear of missing out, resulting in a constant need to check. Take the temptation away and they will be healthier and happier.