Encourage your children to read more to advance their language and written skills | Portsmouth High School

Encourage your children to read more to advance their language and written skills

February half term always gives a good opportunity for a refresh and, although the weather has not necessarily indicated as much, the second half of this term always brings the promise of spring. As we look forward to brighter times the subject of reading has been much on the minds of staff.

Dr Barrett has been hard at work organising a bevy of activities for our upcoming book week. This will include World Book Day where the girls will have a reading buddy with whom to share their stories. The PSA are also providing a second hand book stall which the children can visit throughout the day. It promises to be a lovely event and one which underlines the deeper importance of reading as an activity.

The quickest way to improve one’s English is to read well written text. For children this is invaluable as they are at different stages in their development of our downright difficult language. It stands to reason those that read more tend to advance more quickly in their language and written skills as they absorb sentence structure, grammar and context. Reading improves us all and this is without the acquisition of knowledge that comes from reading fiction and non-fiction.

At school we work regularly with the girls ensuring that they read, focussing on fluency and comprehension. This is all very well, but if it is backed up by regular reading at home development can progress exponentially. Reading with a parent or relative can make a huge difference to young children and it also provides a time of calm and togetherness that very little else can match. Ten minutes before bedtime or factored in amongst the hustle and bustle of modern life can make a huge difference.

I am currently part way through a history of the Tour de France from the point of view of British competitors. Interesting to me but not necessarily to others. The point is that, at all ages, we should continue to read whatever the style or topic.