Enthusiasm leads to enhanced learning… | Portsmouth High School

Enthusiasm leads to enhanced learning…

One of the girls in Year 4 brought a PowerPoint into school that she had produced at home. The focus was an albino squirrel that has been frequenting her garden over the last few weeks. She had photographed it and produced a presentation with some background about albino animals and squirrels in particular.

The piece of work inspired me to create a new page on Firefly named nature in my garden. This will form the basis of my assembly on Monday and I welcome the girls to send in digital photographs and short pieces of work from their local habitats.

There are several elements of this experience that are impressive. Some weeks ago I wrote about the learning wheel and I believe that the work produced shows curiosity,

imagination, independence and the ability to make links; all spokes of the wheel. It is also one of several situations where girls have come to see me to show something that theyhave produced completely autonomously. When they are enthused by something then they will learn more from it, a philosophy that runs through the Dovercourt curriculum.

Our girls are also renowned for their friendly personas. This has been brought home even more by the way they have welcomed girls on taster days and those that have started recently in their classes. I have been inundated by compliments from new parents about the way their daughters have been received. Long may this collective attitude continue.