The ethos of Portsmouth High Junior School | Portsmouth High School

The ethos of Portsmouth High Junior School

The ethos of the school spells out expectations for both junior and senior girls. This term has shown some wonderful examples of the following points: 

  • I am encouraged to speak and to be heard.
  • I am confident that I can tackle new challenges.
  • I am learning to value myself and others.

The girls are certainly prepared to put themselves forward to be heard. An excellent example of this was during assembly on Monday when one of the sports prefects put up a hand when I asked for notices. She then requested that the girls to be more mindful of putting away equipment at the end of break time as the team responsible were finding items left around the site on a regular basis. She showed confidence and responsibility in the way she did it and only afterwards confessed to me that she had been nervous about talking to the whole school.

Another instance that fits into all of the statements was a group of girls that are making paper Christmas trees to raise money for the climbing wall. They have taken on the advertising, the substantial workload and have shown real entrepreneurial spirit in their endeavours. Our music prefects have also been to see me with their ideas for developing tea-time concerts for up and coming musicians in all years.

Confidence and learning to value oneself was evident during auditioning for the solo in ‘Once in Royal David’s City’. This will be sung in front of the whole school and many of the parents during carols around the tree next week. The pre-prep prefects have consistently assisted with nursery and reception this term, including their assemblies and much more besides. Another group of girls are developing their own eco-council to tackle sustainability at Dovercourt and there are many more examples I could describe to show how strong the ethos is at the junior school.