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Exciting developments in the Junior School curriculum

Radio 4 produced a programme recently about coding in schools and the progress of computing. The days of teaching only Microsoft Office in ICT lessons have gone and the curriculum is now an exciting mix of programming, media presentation, control and photographic manipulation.

We have been at the forefront of this at Dovercourt and are now building on several existing years of computing. This half term all girls from reception to year 4 will be coding and building apps using a new course from Discovery Education. I worked on this during the holiday and was so excited when I coded a game where you burst floating bubbles that I made the rest of the family take a turn. The girls will be able to save their apps into a central area and play those designed by other staff and pupils. Year 5 and 6 will also have a term of interest and excitement as they work with Raspberry Pi computers.

Our use of the virtual learning environment is now in its third term and is firmly embedded in the junior school. Mr Barrett is one of the foremost proponents of its use in the entire GDST and, next term, I will be taking his work to share with other schools across the Trust. His ideas, along with others who are developing their own areas, are being used to collaborate around the whole school.

As you will now be aware our school is being visited by inspectors next week and I am looking forward to showing them all we have to offer. I know our girls and staff will do us proud and it is a time to celebrate the successes of the junior school.