‘Experts’ combine to create the unique offer at Portsmouth High Junior School | Portsmouth High School

‘Experts’ combine to create the unique offer at Portsmouth High Junior School

In 2007 Carol Dweck used research findings to espouse an approach to learning based around growth and fixed mindsets. This has become an important piece of work in the educational landscape and is used by many to combat children as passive recipients.

I am always cautious of using the work of one particular ‘expert’ when developing the school experience. A range of carefully selected methods allows us at Portsmouth High Junior School to have a unique offer. Our Dovercourt curriculum takes the best of expertise across the country and beyond alongside that of the GDST network. There is a huge amount of experience within the building itself, a fact that was abundantly clear on Tuesday during a lively staff

meeting where we were discussing an upcoming new initiative. I will be sharing more about that in the weeks to come. Despite this there are several areas of Dweck’s research that fit naturally with the way we do things at the junior school. We naturally praise effort rather than achievement on its own, using growth mindset language to encourage the girls to take risks and embrace failure. We want the girls to have a safe environment to make mistakes so that they can learn from them. There is a focus on resilience at the school and the willingness to struggle in order to succeed. All these methodologies come together to help the girls to become the confident, independent individuals that they are.