Exploring the meaning of Christmas... | Portsmouth High School

Exploring the meaning of Christmas…

In my recent assemblies I have been emphasising the meaning of Christmas. I do not mean in a religious sense, although the story has certainly been discussed, but more the relevance to our modern day lives. I have found the girls to be well attuned to our discussions and ready to reflect on the subjects therein.

There have been three main areas focussed upon. The first is an explanation that many in the world do not have the type of Christmas that we do. It could be that the culture is different and they celebrate in a way that seems unusual to us, or that they simply do not have the opportunity to celebrate due to their circumstances. I found the children particularly touched by stories of others who do not have access to our wealth of possessions and will not receive any gifts this year.

My second emphasis was upon the bringing of peace. Christmas can be a time when rifts can be mended, arguments can be settled and reconciliation can be sought. I asked the girls to think about themselves and how they might heal some wounds caused by the odd misplaced word or thoughtless action. This was then expanded to wider conflicts in the world and our fervent hope that there could at least be a pause in wartime and strife.

Thirdly I brought their attention to helping others. Christmas can be a stressful time for family members and we discussed how the girls can help out at home rather than be a constant demand. Our girls do understand that their parents sacrifice much for them and, should they forget, feel free to ask them to remember my assemblies.

I wish everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.