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A fresh start…

The assembly theme at the start of this week was a fresh start.  I discussed new year resolutions and how it can be hard to maintain them as time goes on.  This was confirmed as some of the girls made grand statements about what they were going to change.  Abstinence from certain things seemed to be the theme and it made me wonder how much of this comes from us as adults.  Rather than suggesting what they were going to do they tended to express what they were going to cut out from their lives.

I went on to suggest that many people give up their resolutions at the first sign of failure.  As resilient learners we want the girls to be able to use failure as an opportunity to improve, so

they need to accept that something has gone wrong and pick themselves up to try again.  This is an area that has become firmly embedded into the school and I am pleased to see girls who can deal with a difficult challenge.It has been an extremely positive first week and the girls have come back to school full of intent and fun.  I enjoyed discussing mathematics with a group of parents on Thursday evening at our mathematics for parents evening.  There was some lively discussion and much to take away from it for both staff and parents.