Fun and learning at a lively languages day… | Portsmouth High School

Fun and learning at a lively languages day…

On Wednesday girls at Portsmouth High Junior School were involved in a languages day. The entire senior school languages department descended on the Junior School and offered a myriad of fascinating activities.

The girls discovered what it is that makes up the fundamentals of a language and explored arts and crafts based around different countries. They completed lessons in Greek, Spanish and Italian and learned a French song to be performed at the end of the day in a special assembly. Girls from some of the local primary schools joined in with the day and enjoyed mixing with the different classes. It was a lively day of fun and learning and my thanks go out to the languages department and particularly Jane Arthers who was integral to the organisation.

During the rest of the week the girls sat their end of year examinations and I was impressed by their calm attitude. Without exception they have taken on board the message that, although they should try their best, these tests are just one aspect of their education and they need to keep them in perspective. The results will feed into their reports for this year but will only be used as a part of the overall judgements.

Year 2 enjoyed their trip to Alice Holt Forest on Thursday and came back with lots of stories and broad smiles on their faces. Rehearsals are progressing well for the production of King Arthur and I am very much looking forward to seeing the complete play in the upcoming weeks.