Getting to know our new joiners at the school | Portsmouth High School

Getting to know our new joiners at the school

I have been getting to know our new joiners to the school better throughout the last week. It has been lovely to see them settle in so well and become part of the Prep School family.

We have also enjoyed being able to welcome parents into the grounds after such a long period of time. This is already proving beneficial as more staff are able to speak with them, socially distanced of course. I should ask that all parents and relatives continue to follow our protocols and observe social distancing within school to reduce the risk of infection for all. It would be easy to relax but we must stay vigilant.

This week saw the start of activities and the girls have embraced them with gusto. It is testament to our club leaders that they are offering such a range of opportunities within the restrictions of how they can operate. The uptake and popularity of our activity programme is proof of its effectiveness and offers experiences outside the curriculum that are the cornerstone of our explorers’ approach.

On a more mundane but incredibly important note, the school had a safeguarding and child protection audit earlier this week. You will be pleased to hear that our auditor was suitably impressed by the pastoral care across the whole school. More to the point, the girls from Year 4, 5 and 6 that were interviewed on the day came in for high praise. I was told they were eloquent, knowledgeable and thoughtful in their responses. So much so that the auditor went out of her way to seek me out and let me know how wonderful they had been. This, of course, did not surprise me. I am in the privileged position of knowing that all our girls would respond in this way.