How our girls support each other in school… | Portsmouth High School

How our girls support each other in school…

Earlier this week I watched the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, resplendent in a pink t-shirt, speak concisely and eloquently on the subject of bullying.

He explained how ‘pink shirt day’ had started after a boy in school had been bullied over wearing one himself. The next day many of his schoolmates arrived in school wearing their own pink shirts to show their support for their friend. It is well worth watching.

It made me think about the way our girls support each other in school. Not everyone gets along all the time as that wouldn’t be real life. But our girls are incredibly compassionate about each other and will go out of their way to make things right, even if it was them that made a mistake in the first instance. Relationships are hard and we want to give all of our girls as much help as possible through our pastoral system.

I have been working closely with year 6 girls on e-safety; in particular discussions and workshops have been focused on social media. I have been heartened by the maturity of their responses and how they have given each other advice on how to stay safe online. Education in this area is essential so that they understand the dangers and potential pitfalls. Often the best person to give a meaningful view is someone of their own age backed up by a teacher or parent.

Developing resilience is constantly on my mind and I heard something that made me feel that our girls have a robustness in abundance. During the Chinese New Year celebrations at St John’s a Chinese dragon came to visit the nurseries that were there. None of our youngest girls cried or were upset. Moreover, they were intrigued and excited by it all and showed their true spirit of adventure.