Guided home learning in full swing | Portsmouth High School

Guided home learning in full swing

It has been an excellent first week of the summer term with guided home learning online in full swing.

I have had the pleasure of seeing at first hand the full range of live lessons as I have managed to drop in on many of them. It is a privilege to be able to see the different approaches from the teachers and the way the girls have responded. The staff worked around the clock over Easter to prepare for the start of this term and the children should be congratulated in the way they have reacted to their input.

I have been looking at our learning wheel and reflecting on some of the ways it can be applied to the guided home learning environment. Parents may be interested in my thoughts and how they might apply to the situation at home.

This is a good opportunity for the girls to develop independence and try for themselves. It is a natural part of child development for them to seek reassurance and ask questions even when they do not really need to. A good way of turning this around is to check that they really have read the instructions or listened to what has been asked before offering them help.

The children are having to be resilient at the moment and they are dealing with a situation that they have never experienced before. Sometimes they will need to work things out for themselves or reach out for help from a teacher as parents cannot be, nor should be, on hand twenty-four hours a day.

Make links
Linking skills is an essential part of the home learning environment. An example is my computing lessons where the girls need to use Firefly, Teams and Scratch. Not only are they linking subjects but they are also linking devices and platforms.

They are having to find new ways to collaborate with their teachers and their classmates. The protocols of doing this are really important to follow and help interactions to flourish. I have seen a real improvement in this during the week, such as muting the microphone until it is time to speak.

‘What would happen if I tried it this way?’. The girls are having to discover new ways and approaches to find success. This will stand them in good stead if they can translate it to the classroom upon their return.

Both staff and children are using their imagination constantly during this period, not only in the content of the lessons but in the way it is delivered and received. I have seen wonderful imagination in the way a task has been developed and changed by the minds of the girls involved. Creativity has not been curtailed during this period, in fact it is thriving.