Helping those around us is a core value of our school | Portsmouth High School

Helping those around us is a core value of our school

The start of the school year can be a nerve wracking time for everyone in schools. I find that I sleep poorly on the evening beforehand, despite feeling fully prepared and ready to go. I am sure that the girls feel the same way, getting that strange emotion in the pit of their stomachs that was once described to me as “nervocited”.

None of us need to have worried though. I was immensely impressed by the calm, happy faces that arrived on the first morning. The children have settled in very quickly, inclusive of the new starters. As with every year I am reminded of what a positive and energising place is the Junior School.

I greeted the girls with an opening assembly based on a heartwarming story about twins who were born twelve weeks premature. Both girls were placed in separate incubators and one immediately began to do well, whereas the other struggled and did not seem to make any progress.

The medical professionals became more and more concerned as she then began to deteriorate. As something of a last resort one of the nurses suggested that the babies be placed in the same incubator. They were staggered to see that Kyrie, the stronger of the two, immediately put her arm around her sister. Brielle, who had been given little chance of survival by this point, began to recover. Her heart rate and breathing stabilised and continued to improve from that moment.

I stressed to the girls that helping those around us is a core value of our school. Not just the physical reassurance but the mental hugs that can be given out with compliments and showing kindness. If we can all look in from the outside and come up with an idea that might help someone, just like the nurse, then we should take the opportunity.