The importance of a broad and balanced curriculum | Portsmouth High School

The importance of a broad and balanced curriculum

I had some interesting conversations with colleagues from a variety of schools during the course of this week. I was interested by the sheer amount of mathematics and English that some schools are teaching on a day to day basis in order to attempt to meet the standards of the new National Curriculum.

It seemed to me that much of the rest of the curriculum was being lost and several people admitted as much, suggesting that other subjects are being moved to the back of the queue in terms of importance. This makes me all the more determined to ensure that we have a broad and rounded curriculum at Portsmouth High Junior School. We need girls who can think and reason as well as having high quality basic skills. As the school Headmistress, Mrs Prescott, has alluded to on more than one occasion, school is about so much more than a narrow academic agenda.

My opinion should not be mistaken for low expectations in the core subjects however. We employ highly skilled subject specialists who are determined to get the best out of the girls. An enthusiastic staff, our small class sizes and targeted groups all lead to a high level of attainment. We are further strengthening the school with a new teaching assistant and a part time teacher who will be based primarily in Year 4 next year. With a newly expanded administration team, Dovercourt is equipped to meet its academic challenges for years to come.