Interacting with our children is a key to helping them understand | Portsmouth High School

Interacting with our children is a key to helping them understand

Last week I was struck by the sight of a small child climbing the steps outside the Owen Room Library with her mother. It wasn’t the act of her progress on the stairs, although that is intriguing enough from a developmental point of view, but moreover the fact that her mother was counting each step as they ascended.

The importance of interactions such as this cannot be underestimated. The same can be said of reading signposts as they are passed in the car. Reading and number recognition as early as possible and on a daily basis always improves a child’s approach to learning when at school.

It is not simply the academic side that is important. Talking to our children and involving them in tasks helps them to communicate and makes them more confident when dealing with the world around them. I found this with my

daughter over the weekend. I had been quite busy on Sunday and not spent much time with her, but as soon as I put down my work and asked her if she wanted to do something together she came alive with interest. Interacting with young people doesn’t stop when they get older; in fact it could be argued that it becomes even more important.

I have gone on record before about the significance of joining in with the digital games our children play when it comes to understanding and e-safety. It is not limited to this, however. There is real value in sharing the experiences and giving time to your children across all their interests. Next time you find yourself role-playing with toy pets, playing Minecraft or building Lego you can remind yourself that it is all for their development.