Junior explorers will apply their thinking skills across the curriculum and beyond… | Portsmouth High School

Junior explorers will apply their thinking skills across the curriculum and beyond…

On Monday morning I spoke to the girls about the fact that some people may feel down at this time of year. The exhilaration of Christmas has been and gone, our resolutions are beginning to wane and the weather is cold and wet.

Despite this it was not a doom and gloom assembly, the main theme being one of hope. As a school we are looking forward with enthusiasm to the year ahead and there are lots of exciting things to look forward to.

A new outdoor classroom is being installed in our forest school area in February. Our gardens continue to be developed and this will add another element to an already successful part of the school. It will be a circular structure without walls to offer shelter and shade without losing the feeling of being outside. There will be a hole in the roof for smoke from the fire and it will be built from a seasoned wood that will not rot in the damp weather. The teachers are all looking forward to making use of the space. I would like to

thank the whole school community including parents, PSA and alumnae for their generous contribution towards this project. Extended outdoor learning is just part of a new junior school initiative this year. The PHS Explorers programme will be a focus for all children regardless of age. Staff have been working hard to develop ways of integrating the theme into the curriculum. Our vision is to have a junior school where intellectual curiosity is further developed and where girls enjoy learning through a range of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We will ensure that the girls in our school are explorers using thinking skills that apply across the curriculum and beyond into sport, music and drama.

Future updates will expand on how this will be implemented. The programme will build upon our strengths and develop further the opportunities we have here at Dovercourt.