Junior School girls are a credit to their school... | Portsmouth High School

Junior School girls are a credit to their school…

On Wednesday I took six Junior School girls to the inaugural GDST mathematics conference in Oxford. It was run in conjunction with the university and took place in the Andrew Wiles building, part of the Mathematics Institute. Twenty schools attended the event from across the country in a building designed to stimulate the mind.

I have long held the belief that architecture can inspire individuals to perform and learn in an accelerated way. This was certainly the case during the day when all of the girls, ours included, impressed the GDST and university representatives. They mixed with other schools seamlessly and worked as a PHS team when required. Many of the problems faced were extremely challenging and our girls more than met the objectives for the day, to show resilience and determination.

Our sports teams have shown a similar resolve during their netball fixtures this term. So far the junior school is undefeated and have produced some impressive margins of victory in both under 11 and under 10 age group. Their style of play is fluid and credit must go to their coaches who are getting the best out of them.

I would like to finish by paying tribute to our Year 6 girls who conducted tours during Open Morning last Saturday. I was complimented on numerous occasions by our visitors who continually told me what a credit the girls were to the school. It was a successful occasion and I would like to thank all of the children, staff and parents who made it possible.