Junior School girls are inspired to make a difference | Portsmouth High School

Junior School girls are inspired to make a difference

I was amazed to find out that the junior school raised over £1400 for the NSPCC during a week of intense activity.

We were visited by their representative Hannah Wilding who presented assemblies to our girls in an entertaining yet thought provoking manner. It clearly inspired the girls who gained sponsorship for the week with the support of their parents. Hannah was moved by the amount and could not stop complimenting the school on the participation rate, one of the highest she had ever seen.

Modern children are often accused of being self-centred and unable to consider the feelings of others. My experience of Portsmouth High School has taught me that the opposite is true. The insights of the girls can be quite humbling as they consider issues from a different point of view and without the cynicism that can often come with age. The girls are

aware that they are more fortunate than others and, at all ages, they want to make things better for people if they can.

Natural curiosity is also a hallmark of our girls and year 5 got the opportunity to express this during their visit to the National Archives on Tuesday. They were intrigued by the historical artefacts on show and asked a series of intelligent questions that impressed the staff looking after them. There will be much for them to bring home and explore during their history lessons over the remainder of this term.

The girls have worked extremely hard and deserve their two week break. I look forward to seeing them refreshed and ready to learn after the holiday