Learning through sport and looking forward to times ahead… | Portsmouth High School

Learning through sport and looking forward to times ahead…

The importance of sport and exercise is high on the national agenda once again as we count down towards the Rio Olympics in 2016.

It seems extraordinary that it is three years since I spent much of the summer in London watching high quality sporting events. The girls have phenomenal role models in the world of international sport but also have the opportunity to discuss other issues. The darker side of sport, such as the fine line between gamesmanship and cheating, is an excellent conversation to bring out opinions and deeper thinking.

The best side of sport was in evidence on Wednesday as the girls showed friendly rivalry during our sports day. The four houses competed to the accompaniment of vocal support at HMS Temeraire. The competition was incredibly tight, with Vernon beating Nelson by one point. Congratulations should go to all of the girls for their commitment and endeavour. I was impressed by those that took a tumble and had the wherewithal to pick themselves up and carry on. There was real resilience and grit on show.

The girls had an experience of life in the year above as they all ‘moved up’ on Thursday afternoon. This is a valuable part of transition from one year to the next and makes them feel much more comfortable in September. They also had the opportunity to meet the girls joining us after the summer and to begin to form new friendships.

There is much to look forward in the next two weeks and onwards into next year. It is an exciting time to be at the school as we go from strength to strength.