Life outside the digital world | Portsmouth High School

Life outside the digital world

Many of us are trying to find ways to limit screen use now that everything is, once again, revolving around the digital world.

I have been trying to get fitter by being out on my bike and running on the roads. That takes much motivation as the weather is not as appealing as it might be at other times of the year. Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to do it and I have been moderately successful in doing so. Mrs Mangnall perhaps has the solution here. She has a treadmill at home and is currently tackling a fifty-mile challenge for January, with much success.

Miss Leighton-Smith and I have been challenging each other to improve our expertise in chess. I am sure she will not mind me saying that neither of us are particularly strong players, but we enjoy it and it allows us some time away from our screens for a little while. It is all done socially distanced and with masks so that we can continue to stay safe whilst at school.

I have particularly enjoyed seeing the off-screen activities that the girls are participating in at home. I have seen lots of music being played, knitting, paint by numbers, scrap-booking, board games, collage, baking, robot building and much more besides. It has been wonderful to see the creative energies being released and I am sure that there are many girls that have found or rediscovered activities they really enjoy. Please do keep sending me the pictures or videos as these really brighten up my day and I can showcase them in celebration assembly.