Looking ahead to September... | Portsmouth High School

Looking ahead to September…

As we complete another, far from typical, school year our thoughts are turning towards September.

I have been asked several questions by parents through the last few days and am beginning to put together a series of FAQs which will be updated during the summer break. I am aware that many of the answers are slightly vague but we are conscious of ever-changing goalposts and that the situation may be very different by the end of August. Please see below and I would, once again, like to thank all of the parents and children at the school for the unwavering support that they have shown us this year.

Will the girls be back in uniform?

We should like the girls to return in uniform where possible. This is with an understanding that there may be issues with acquiring the correct size. Therefore, children can return in non-uniform until they have the correct items.

Will lunch be provided?

Lunches will be provided.

What will the drop off arrangements be?

We will hope to return to a normal drop off and pick-up procedure but may need to refrain from having parents enter the grounds. This will be confirmed later in the summer.

Will there be any after school clubs and/or after school care?

We are very much hoping that clubs will be provided once more. This will be confirmed later in the summer.

We will be providing care both before and after school. Whether we can offer breakfast will depend on the restrictions.

Will internal specialist teachers be back in the class?

We should be able to operate a normal timetable.

Will external peripatetic teachers (e.g. piano, recorder) be back in school?

We expect these teachers to be back in school.

Are the girls going to meet their new teachers before the summer break?

All teachers have been organising meetings with their new class either online or in person.

What will the timings of the school day be?

We are hoping that the timings of the school day will return to normal. However, there may still be restrictions that we need to abide by and will be governed by new guidance.

As an end to my blogs this year I should like to share the last paragraph of the advice I have given to the Year 6 girls in their yearbook as they move on to the senior school.

Most importantly, be yourself. You all have such great personalities and I would hate to see you losing them in conformity. You are lucky. The world is more willing to accept people with different views and lifestyles than when I was a child, but there is still a long way to go. As girls, there are still many barriers for you to break down and I believe you are just the ones to do it.
Be good, have fun, work hard.