Looking after our environment starts at school | Portsmouth High School

Looking after our environment starts at school

The girls at Portsmouth High Junior School have been fascinated by Sir David Attenborough and his new series Blue Planet 2. 

During the most recent programme I was staggered to hear that in the near future the level of plastic in our oceans will outweigh that of fish. In the news recently it was reported that glitter, used extensively in junior schools, releases tiny particles of plastic into the sea which is slowly poisoning our marine life.

We have decided at the junior school that from next term the school will only use non-toxic, biodegradable glitter in our projects and art works and the girls are learning all about what they can do to reduce our overall use of plastic and harmful substances. We will be using biodegradable wipes in

Pre-School and recyclable paper straws in our science experiments. These are just a few simple examples of the difference that we would like to make.Mrs Joan West will be working with eco prefects to ensure that the girls are involved fully in being proactive in tackling these issues. She will meet with them regularly and I am looking forward to hearing what their propositions are for the school. I am sure they would value any useful ideas from home that you can share with us.

We are so close to the sea here in Portsmouth and our girls sail on it, swim in it and eat fish from it. It is only right we educate them and ourselves to look after our local environment.