Mixing traditional teaching methods with an innovative approach is a recipe for success… | Portsmouth High School

Mixing traditional teaching methods with an innovative approach is a recipe for success…

Following on from Mrs Prescott’s comment about the usefulness of computers in schools I also read the BBC news story this week that commented on a study which observed that pupils who are exposed to large amounts of screen time obtain lower grades at GCSE.

The investigation was performed through questionnaires and my initial view is that it must be almost impossible to quantify this statement. However it does highlight an area that creates a lot of concern amongst parents.Screen time has increased in schools. This has been as technology has improved and a reaction to the heightened need to be computer literate in the workplace. It is also essential for schools to teach the safe use of different devices so that our young people are prepared for the plethora of communication based devices and social media. Computers and tablets play an important role in preparing our girls for the future. The answer to the questions raised by this

study is balance. Although computing is important for the reasons stated it needs to be set against those essential skills that are developed for the first time in the junior school. Reading, writing with a pen, mental mathematics and all of the practical areas across the curriculum are the counter-balance to screen time.

We mix traditional methods with an innovative approach and connect with our environment during every school week. Public speaking is an area where our girls excel and it was wonderful to see Year 6 lead the Welcome Service at St Jude’s on Wednesday. They spoke with poise and clarity and were a credit to themselves and their families. I am looking forward to this group showing themselves as role-models for the rest of the school this year.