New classrooms bring great excitement at the Junior School | Portsmouth High School

New classrooms bring great excitement at the Junior School

Excitement was at fever pitch at the start of this week as the girls from years 3, 4 and 5 moved to their new classrooms.

On Monday morning they took across their books, bags and stationery and began to make the building their own. In theory the three classrooms are identical, but due to the views out of the generous windows they all have a unique feel. Mix that with different colours of furniture and the girls’ possessions and it is remarkable how each can be so different.

All of the girls have benefitted by the opening up of the grounds. The fences around the near netball courts have been removed and it is amazing how this has widened the space for play and freedom. It is much more aesthetically pleasing and this will be further enhanced by more raised beds and the planting of flowers around the playground.

The whole project has been a big success and we have enjoyed showing it to parents who have visited. When I asked one of the girls in year 3 what she thought her response was: ‘This is the best classroom in the world!’

The parent luncheons have been extremely successful and I have had lots of complimentary comments about the quality of the food and the conduct of the girls. The older girls are excellent role-models and this filters down throughout the school. I am keen that parents should feel part of Dovercourt and this is one of the ways that we can share what we do. I am also looking forward to welcoming you to our Spring Ball in a few weeks. Please do make sure you get your tickets as they are selling out quickly.