New Venture Award for Years 5 and 6 | Portsmouth High School

New Venture Award for Years 5 and 6

The Venture Award for Year 5 and Year 6 is well underway and the girls have been thinking hard about what they are going to do to fulfil each of the requirements. The first category they have to fulfil is being active. With the amount of sport and exercise our girls do this shouldn’t be a problem, but they do have to show a commitment to an activity for at least six weeks. The second area is helping others and this has led to many of the girls finding ways to assist the younger members of the school. Third is learning something new, which has proved to be the most difficult in terms of ideas. Our girls have such varied and busy lives that finding and fitting in something completely new is challenging which, of course, is the essence of the award.

Perhaps the most exciting element is the expedition. The girls will work in teams, learn about map reading, put up tents, cook their dinner and spend the night under canvas. The GDST four C’s will be used throughout the award. They will need to be confident, courageous, composed and

committed if they are going to complete the entire programme. They will also need to be independent as it is their responsibility to ensure that they succeed in each area.

It was thrilling to be out on the netball courts on Wednesday as we were visited by Oxford High and Brighton and Hove High junior schools. Over one hundred girls were playing at Dovercourt and they were cheered on by an enthusiastic home crowd. Every girl in Year 5 and Year 6 played and I was impressed by their commitment. We are intending to maintain and foster the relationship with these schools, something that is a real strength of the GDST.