Online learning is a challenge for both pupils and teachers | Portsmouth High School

Online learning is a challenge for both pupils and teachers

As we get to the end of the third week of lockdown I would like to pay tribute to the children and the way they continue to react to online learning.

They are continuing to work hard and develop their independence across the entire range of subjects. Patience and resilience is being shown through all their difficulties and technical issues. I would like to offer them a hearty congratulation.

It should be noted that teaching online is not easy. Activities that you thought might work can turn out to be ineffective, computer problems can halt you in your tracks and it is almost impossible to use your professional judgement of body language to gauge understanding. I have certainly had to adapt my own lessons and I know that the staff are on that same journey. Planning time is significantly longer as is the taking in and marking of work.

The support that the staff have been given by parents is appreciated and it helps them through what is still a very different and challenging process. There will be ways we can develop our provision and the recent parent forums have helped us to see how things are working from the other side of the screen. We will continue to adapt and improve and are constantly looking at ways in which to do so. An example of this was on Tuesday after school when we got together and looked at how to streamline and progress our online marking.

As ever, positive, constructive feedback is always welcome and I look forward to engaging with many more of you over the coming weeks.