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Opportunities on offer at the Prep School

As usual at the Prep School the girls have been incredibly busy taking advantage of the opportunities they have been offered.

Year 5 completed a somewhat blustery week of sailing and six of them went to St. Swithun’s to work on a joint project. They are teaming up with girls there to design a group of lessons for teachers to use in a partner school in South Africa. There are very few resources at the school so they are having to think about how to engage the children in a technology free environment. It was lovely to see them settle into the tasks quickly and immediately begin to collaborate with their new friends. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

Year 4 had an enjoyable day in Southsea as they engaged in a wild beach day on Tuesday. This is part of our Beach Schools initiative and involved them learning about geographical concepts such as longshore drift and investigating flora and fauna. They came back windblown and happy after a great day.

It was Year 3’s turn from Wednesday as they departed for their first residential at Marwell Activity Centre. As I write they are having a wonderful time partaking in activities such as archery and high ropes. It is a real bonding experience for them and I have been assured that they are all getting enthusiastically involved.

Today we have suspended our normal timetable and the whole school is getting involved in a languages day. The entire languages department decamp from the Senior School and run fun activities. It is always a wonderful day and I am looking forward to seeing what the girls have learned at the end of it.