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Opportunities for showcasing talents

As I made the final arrangements for the GDST ski trip just before the end of term, I looked at the range of activities and events at the Junior School recently. There are so many opportunities for the girls to show what they can do.

On a recent Saturday we held our first Early Years Open Day based around Forest School. It was exceptionally well attended by our own girls and visitors. The range of activities in Pre-Prep and around the grounds led to lots of investigation and enquiry from the young children involved. It was great to see their smiling faces and the speed with which the visitors settled into the environment. 

The end of term saw an extremely competitive house hockey competition which was eventually won by Warrior followed by a busy netball tournament for local schools hosted at the Junior School. The under nine girls played netball and

our swimmers put on a fantastic show during the Portsmouth Schools Swimming Gala at the Mountbatten Centre.

I had the pleasure of watching three of our girls performing in a professional performance of Annie in Fareham on Friday evening. This was followed by the Years 3 and 4 play Pirates and Mermaids in our own hall. The quality of acting and singing was phenomenal. Year 6 also gave us a sneak peek at their own play in Friday’s assembly which will be performed towards the end of next term. Rehearsals are already well under way.

I could mention many more events that have happened recently at the school. It has been an exceptionally busy half term and I am looking forward to seeing what can be achieved in the summer.