Our King Arthur play was truly a team effort... | Portsmouth High School

Our King Arthur play was truly a team effort…

The early part of this week was dominated by the year 5 and 6 play, King Arthur. The girls put on three performances in total. One was in front of the junior school and the other two with parents and guests.

The production was written, produced and directed by Dr Barrett. He writes his plays specifically for the number of girls there are to perform, skilfully adjusting the script to make sure that everyone has involvement.The production is then supported by the whole Dovercourt staff with music, costume, sound, lighting, make-up and set design. It truly is a team effort. The play was a huge success, with the girls performing at a high level throughout. Dr Barrett does not make the script easy for them and includes some complex movements, lines and song lyrics. It is proof that when our girls are put under pressure they will rise to the challenge. Congratulations should go to the cast and the whole production team.

Nursery enjoyed their teddy bears’ picnic on Thursday and year 5 applicants for the position of Headgirl gave their presentations. I was impressed by the quality and range of what they produced and, as ever, it will be a difficult task to appoint the right candidate.

Our attention turns from drama to sport next week as we prepare for our annual sports day. It will be good to see the girls out on a full sized track and to watch the friendly competition that is always a hallmark of the day.

There is much to look forward to as we move towards the end of this school year.