Positivity Week inspires new positive approaches and outcomes | Portsmouth High School

Positivity Week inspires new positive approaches and outcomes

The week before half term was one of conflicting emotions here at the Junior School. Our positivity week proved to be incredibly successful with the girls and staff embracing it wholeheartedly.

We were all rocked by the tragic events in Manchester on Monday evening and then uplifted by the stories of human kindness that were on show during the immediate aftermath. As parents and educational professionals everyone here has been deeply affected by the fact that so many children were injured or worse during the disaster.

Perhaps it was fitting that we are focussing on positive approaches and outcomes in a world where there is such sadness and violence. Be it raising money for charity, spreading happiness around the community through smile stones, or using yoga to bring calmness and energy; the girls have inspired me in my own life outlook.

A big part of the week was discussion on resilience and grit. The fact that failure is something that needs to be encountered in life. Strategies on how to deal with it have been debated and expanded upon by the children themselves. They have absorbed tales of adversity from Andy Williams and his experiences during the Marathon Des Sables and shared their own determination to succeed. Artist Sonia Shomalzadeh gave them similar pause for thought as she amazed us with her talk on her work and travels. The questions that the girls asked both visitors were insightful and showed a genuine interest.

There are so many things that have made me pause to think. I feel privileged to work in such an inspiring environment.