Push to become the best you can be | Portsmouth High School

Push to become the best you can be

Friendly competition was the priority on Tuesday as the girls took part in our annual swimming gala. They love house competitions and this is one where their enthusiastic support for each other is there for everyone to see.

The house system at the school has a long history and is a very successful and vibrant part of the school. The girls continue to relate to their houses for many years, as is proven when ex-pupils ask for their own daughters to be placed in the house that they belonged to as a child.

The gala itself showed the best of what makes the Prep School special. There was some hard-edged competition, with several of our elite swimmers going head to head and straining every sinew to win. Afterwards, regardless of the result, they congratulated each other and remained the best of friends; no sore losers here. The girls cheered and showed encouragement to those who find swimming difficult, roaring them on to finish their lengths and gain a point for the house team.

Elite sport and sport for all do not need to be mutually exclusive. At this event there was mass participation and uncompromising competition. It is important that children learn to push themselves physically and mentally to do the best they can. This often results in their enjoying the activity and the atmosphere far more than they believed they would. Not everyone can be a high end performer but, by challenging themselves, the girls will gain more experiences and hopefully try many different things. It is about having opportunities and taking them to find the area where they can excel and enjoy