Raising children’s awareness of disabilities | Portsmouth High School

Raising children’s awareness of disabilities

The PSA led fundraising for ‘Children in Need’ this year took a slight departure from the norm. Instead of the usual stalls the members of the association led a series of activities in the hall that were designed to raise children’s awareness of disabilities.

One such task was to negotiate through a maze whilst wearing a particularly effective blindfold. Trust had to go to the people guiding you and I must thank the two girls who helped me to get to the end of the course without any major hiccups. There was also quiz where no words were allowed to be spoken by the questioner, a non-dominant hand ball throw and several others.

In a recent Telegraph article, Peter Tait commented. ‘Fundraising for charity should be commended, but schools must focus on more than just cash and cake stalls.’

Yes we did have a cake stall but this was not the focus for the event. Raising awareness and giving of time is something that I talk about often in assembly and I feel that this event embodied those principles. Alongside this we had a visit from Connor’s Toy Library, who provides a play environment for families that do not have access to toys for their children at home. Each of our children brought in a toy from home and these were donated to the charity. This is not just about raising money, but giving something specific. Some of our girls gave up much loved items because they wanted to help others less fortunate than themselves.